Hot Spots Resolution Approach May Depend on Other Symptoms

What are Hot Spots?

Hot spots in dogs can be defined as “moist skin eruptions that can occur anywhere on a dog’s body”. The name is most probably tied to observations that they most generally occur during the hot summer months. The hot-spot area can spread slowly, and will usually appear raw and red, and also becomes a ripe breeding ground for bacteria.

examples of hot spots on dogsWhat Causes Hot Spots?

Hot spots most frequently can be tied to the overgrowth of yeast in the GI Tract. In other words, this ‘external symptom’ is likely tied to an internal disorder. Since heat is an activator of yeast, the flare-ups manifest themselves as hot spots in areas of the dog’s body that, for whatever reason, happen to be a particularly easy pathway for the exit of cells, toxins, and poisons tied to the internal yeast (Candida). In some cases, the only manifestation is hot spots, while in others, what starts out as only hot spots may soon be accompanied by more generalized itching, scratching, biting, chewing of the paws, blackening of skin, ear infections, etc.  If you see symptoms such as these progressively adding to the complications in the case of your pet, you can count on the fact that you will likely need to deal with these issues as a full-blown systemic yeast infection.

The biggest factor contributing to the development of Hot spots, as with yeast infections, is the food. Most of the popular, major brand name dog foods are loaded with starches (which feed the yeast), preservatives, additives, colorings, by-products, and generally poor quality ingredients. The same holds true for popular dog biscuits and treats. If you are feeding your pet one of these foods or snacks, please consider making a change to a better quality brand.

What can be done for Hot Spots?

If Hot Spots are your only issue, then using a natural, super-premium or holistic food is a good place to start. But helping the body’s own healing processes to do a better job is another matter. For this, we highly recommend our Antioxidant Treats for Pets. There is nothing better on the market that naturally assists the body’s own production of metabolic enzymes. These enzymes purge the toxic build-up from the cells that leads to the eruptions taking place on the surface of the skin. Since our bodies are composed of billions of cells, keeping them clean and healthy is the basis of good health. See what others have to say about Nzymes.


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