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Nutritional Support Alternatives for Paralysis in Dogs

Paralysis in dogs is one of the two most common mobility challenges facing pet parents these days, with Hip Dysplasia being the second. We have had tremendous success with both of these concerns using our special live food nutrition. 

Each day, on average, we get 2-4 people coming to Nzymes® for one of these two serious dog mobility challenges. And, there are good reasons; people spread the word when they hear of a dog that has had a turn-around in mobility after using Nzymes. The exceptional support of Nzymes super-food produces some extraordinary recovery stories that have vets tottering in amazement. And for paralysis issues, especially, the video evidence gathered over the years allows folks to see how things turn out and how quickly. 

Paralyzed Pug in Wheel Chair


Common Causes of Paralysis In Dogs

  • Fall or Injury
  • Tick Bite Paralysis
  • Meningitis
  • Nerve Damage
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Discospondylitis
  • Slipped-disc
  • Spinal infection, tumor, inflammation, or injury
  • Spinal or vertebral deformation
Veterinarian chiropractor adjusting dogs back


Lilly’s Recovery

When Lilly’s Video came to us (below), it was a total surprise. The tape just showed up in our mail from Ms. Hersey. When this happens, it’s usually a Paralysis issue. Usually, where a dog is entirely down, that initiates folks to record a video.

So, Lilly was the first major video we received, but customers have provided many other video records of Paralysis in dogs over the 22 years. In this case, the pet parent (Shannon) had so much faith in what she read on Nzymes.COM site that she started making the video recording before she ever opened the Nzymes® shipment. She was not disappointed, as you will see in the Video on page bottom.




Sunna-after-21-days-on nzymes

REVIEWS - Dog Paralysis

You can access our entire Recovery-Video Library – HERE
There is much to learn about the topic of Paralysis in dogs. 

We’ll cover support issues here,
however, more information is available on this page
4 Common Causes of Canine Paralysis.

The Nzymes Alternative Answer

Nutrition and Medicine Working Together

Let’s face it; you seek help for your dog that may be down due to some form of Paralysis. In addition to medical treatment, Nzymes® Super-food products can offer a natural alternative to ease the inflammation, discomfort, mobility, and nerve issues that can come into play. Pet parents are often surprised when they witness the body doing the unimaginable in the realm of restoration and repair. We recommended you check out the Videos shown above. 

As our video examples illustrate, using Nzymes nutrition as a tool along with your veterinarian treatments can help a dog with a quicker recovery. Hopefully, this can occur without surgery, risky drugs and, pain relievers.

120 Days to Evaluate

Take a ‘leap of faith’ on the natural route to wellness for your dog. Choose from the THREE products listed below. We urge you to use up all that time necessary as we give you a full 120 days to evaluate, backed by our Money-Back Guarantee. Though many dogs respond early on, every situation is different, and there’s no way to know the extent of damage or injury. Therefore, not every dog can rebound as quickly as seen with LILLY below; some will take several weeks or longer. 

Never Give Up with Paralysis in Dogs

Don’t stop without calling Nzymes first; there may be other alternatives available!! Give your pet a chance to show what the body can do under such extreme challenges. Our Toll-Free Number is 877-816-650

Products Recommended for Dog Paralysis Challenges

Sprouted Granules for Economical Preference, the Treats for Convenience

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