Dr. K. Kenyon, DVM, on Nzymes for Dog Spider Bites

A seasoned Vet from the Fresno area in California has been an Nzymes believer and user of our products for many years. She began using the products in her practice after having used them with her own brood of Great Danes and proving to herself that significant results are achievable and sometimes remarkable. The short video is about a pretty challenging issue on one of her dogs, where dog spider bites are involved, the brown recluse spider presents a particularly serious issue. She was fairly impressed by how the Ox-E-Drops helped in this case.  There are several other videos on our site of Dr. Kenyon discussing her findings with using Nzymes® products related to other challenging health or infection concerns. Vets don’t often get involved with products not conforming to their area of training and expertise – MEDICINE.  So, we feel grateful to have had this relationship with Dr. Kenyon, and thankful for revealing her findings in this manner.



VIDEO of  Dr. Kenyon: Results using Nzymes for Brown Recluse Spider Bite




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