In June of 2008, I pulled a dog named “Kane” out of a high kill shelter. He was around 2 years old. I took him immediately to my vets and was told he had 3rd stage heartworms. He was malnourished and was 20 pounds underweight. I could tell he had given up. The vet gave him less than a 2% chance to live. I renamed him “Phoenix”, telling him he would rise up out of the ashes and live.

Move ahead 9 months. Phoenix fought long and hard and made it. For almost 2 years he seemed to thrive. Phoenix had energy and was a feisty little dog of about 4 years old. But the cost to his immune system with the heartworm treatments, 2 years prior had taken its toll, and he began to not want to eat and became lethargic. I noticed patches of his hair began to get a scaly, almost greasy like substance by the root shaft and then would fall out. He would tear at his skin until it looked like it was on fire.

For the next 6 years, we poured thousands of dollars to a multitude of vets, who tested and poked and prodded him but could not properly diagnose him. We changed shampoos, changed his diet many times, and ran a multitude of allergy tests. They all came back stating he was allergic to almost everything. He began to suffer, and my heart was breaking for this dog that was my best friend and confidant. I had just lost my mom, less than a week before. If I lost Phoenix, I’m not sure I could survive this. I tearfully promised him I would try one more thing and if it wouldn’t work, I would let him go.

I took him to a holistic vet, who diagnosed Phoenix with Leaky Gut Syndrome. Her diagnosis spot on, but her method of treatment ( hot laser treatments) about killed him. I decided no one loved Phoenix as much as me. If he had a chance to live, I would have to find it. I stayed up all night researching online everything I could find on Leaky Gut. Around 4 A.M., I came across photos of a dog whose skin and fur looked like Phoenix’s. I read the whole article and realized it was an ad for a product named Nzymes. I went into the skin and coat pages and saw there were 5 steps to using this treatment effectively.


I had already changed his diet to Orijen 6 fish, so step one complete. The next was a recommendation to get Phoenix on a good skin care treatment in order to treat the skin and coat along with the internal treatment of the Nzymes kit. I selected the Nzymes full kit treatment, then went to one of the suggested skin care treatments which was Dermagic, and ordered their full kit. Just a few days later both the Nzymes kit and the Dermagic kit arrived, and I followed Your instructions exactly to the letter.

When I had ordered the products I was told by a representative that Phoenix would get worse before he got better, but to continue the regimen like the instructions said, and it would work! Within 2 weeks Phoenix began to heal. It did get worse before it got better, and I utilized a cone on him as was one of the suggested steps, but each day after the 2-week mark, he showed improvement!

Today his skin is pink and healthy. His appetite is great and he is youthful and playful! Plus look at his beautiful coat! I owe his life to the Nzymes Company!

July 2016 was the month I lost my mom; but July 2016, was also the month that Nzymes began to save Phoenix’s life! Had I not have found their ad, my life today would have been so different! The combination of the treatment all worked together to give Phoenix the best quality of life, and I will be forever grateful!

Thank you Nzymes, from Phoenix and me.

D. Clemens
Upper Sandusky, OH

Nzymes Note: Many dogs like Phoenix have suffered from severe neglect, malnourishment, worms, and terrible skin issues. We are very thankful and quite humbled to be able to offer a line of products that can make a genuine difference in the life of a suffering pet. Many Rescue Organizations are using the Nzymes products as a part of their rehabilitation process, helping their rescues regain their health and become a viable candidate for adoption.

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