Kira Overcomes Horse Navicular Disease

Kira, my 15-year-old Appendix Quarter horse, came to me when she was 3 years old and I trained her myself. We competed in a local horse show series and came in 3rd at the end of the year in the Schooling Hunter division. She loves people, being ridden, eating, being groomed, eating, running around, eating and did I mention eating? Unfortunately, she has a foot problem called Horse Navicular disease. She has special shoes, called bar shoes, which keep her sound and comfortable.

When I started my horse Kira on Nzymes® Granules, she had been lame for about 6 months and eventually was in pain all the time if she wasn’t on Phenylbutazone (bute). I was considering “nerving” her but decided to try Nzymes® Granules before I took such a drastic step.

Kira overcomes navicular

I started her on the Nzymes® Sprouted Granules and within 1 month, she could walk without pain and I was riding her again in 3 months. It has been 2 years since I started Kira on Nzymes® and (knock on wood) she hasn’t taken a lame step since. Thank you so much, for Nzymes® Granules — without it, Kira would not have a pain-free life!

Lauren Hawley
Fairless Hills, PA

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