Nzymes Tracite Minerals for People and Pets


Missing Elements?

Nzymes Tracite Minerals Fills a Vital Need

One of the keys to our success over the years has been to offer unique products that fill in the gaps in modern diets and make a noticeable change in the consumer. Trace minerals fall right into this category. Trace elements are vital to cellular health and the body’s electrical system. They help produce energy and promote general healing and repair. 

Because the soils these days are depleted by over-farming and being bombarded by herbicides and pesticides, the plants that grow there cannot deliver the trace minerals they did generations ago. Nzymes Tracite Minerals can play a crucial role in providing these essential elements and advancing health in both People and Pets.

Tracite Minerals Play Important Role in Neurological Support Kit

Ultimate Nutritional Support for Seizures in Dogs

Natural Support for Bio-Electrical Malfunction

Seizure difficulties in pets are quite common in our modern world. There can be many factors which play into the condition. From our perspective, we see preservatives, additives, artificial colorings in foods and snacks, and side-effects of flea, tick and heartworm preparations as being major contributors to episodes. (More)

Two KEY factors in helping a pet to overcome is by providing Live, antioxidant enzymes – to flush out toxic build-up, and to provide Trace Minerals to support the body’s electrical network. It is important to note that many common medications, including seizure medications, have the capacity to strip the system of important vitamins and minerals. This further underscores the importance of including trace minerals in any natural seizure support regimen.

Ultimate Nutritional Support was our Goal with this Kit

For many years, we have addressed seizure issues in pets by recommending our Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules. Many pets are are doing well by following this path, and we are truly grateful for each and every one of them. The Purpose of this kit was to take one more important step and add it to the process. And in so doing, we could add another layer of natural support for any pet suffering with seizure issues.

Mineral deficiency is rampant, and especially in pets as so many pet foods are lacking in bio-available vitamins/minerals. Tracite Minerals are organically based, and extracted using only pure water. This makes them highly absorbable and effective. There are a number of inter-workings between enzymes and minerals, making them the perfect pair for such a kit. Trace minerals are essential for all cellular replication. (See Trace Minerals and Their Effect on DNA)


Trace Minerals & Support for Neurological Issues

Beyond seizures, trace minerals can play a positive role for any neurological difficulty. This would include recovery after a stroke, pinched nerves, paralysis, IVDD, myelopathy, and recovery from traumatic injury. There is really no magic involved here, other than providing quality elements that the body can utilize to bring about natural healing and repair.

Like the Neurologic Support Kit mentioned above, we would highly recommend using our Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules along with the Tracite Minerals to address these difficult issues. The synergy that exists between antioxidant enzymes and trace minerals is the key to their effectiveness.

While the focus of this section has been on pets, the mechanisms in human systems are much the same. Check the 7-panel slideshow below.

Tracite Minerals for People – A Key to Energy and Vitality

Nzymes Human Energy Kit

Nzymes Human Energy Kit – E=MC²

All energy production in the body begins with the cells. When the cells are healthy and less encumbered by free radicals and other clutter, they are more effective in producing energy. Trace Minerals + Antioxidant Enzymes are at the forefront of this process. The problem is we simply don’t get them from the foods we eat in large part. This is why supplementing is so essential, and can make such a profound difference in the consumer.

Trace Minerals are also essential to cellular replication. Each day, billions of cells die off and must be replaced. This process requires quality building materials, more specifically – Trace Minerals. Without their availability, substitute elements are utilized, leading to a lesser YOU.

Do you remember the old GM commercials? “Be sure to ask for Genuine GM parts!” It’s funny what we will do for our CAR, but not for ourselves. Your cells require genuine replacement parts to keep your DNA strong. Nzymes Tracite Minerals and Antioxidant Complex are a perfect fit.


Tracite Minerals and Neurological Support for People

As mentioned above with the pets, The same mechanisms are at work when it comes to human health. The Tracite Minerals can be quite supportive for any person dealing with seizure activity, myelopathy, stroke recovery or any malady where the neuropathways have been compromised. And, like the Support Kit for pets, coupling the Tracite Minerals with the Antioxidant Complex can serve to multiply the effect on the user.

Healthier cells are more efficient at carrying out their assigned tasks. Improved communications between cells means less breakdown of intra-cellular communications (less misfiring of neurons). When the cells are functioning better, better health generally follows.

Whether used for general health and well-being or to address a specific issue, we expect good results for those following this system.

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