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Why Does my Dog have Allergies? Why can't I Resolve them?

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Savanna After

Savanna - After 3 Months

Ginger After

Ginger - After 6 Months

Zoie - After 3 Months

Blizzard After

Blizzard - After 3.5 Months

Alf Ralph After

Alf - After 6 Months

Hoobie After

Hoobie - After 4 Months


More and more of the same TREATMENTS which are only designed to suppress the SYMPTOMS - by suppressing immune function! Inflammation is what is causing all that ITCHING of skin and ears. What is so difficult to find out - is what, within the skin, is causing the immune system to respond with all that inflammation. Luckily you have found the one place - where you can not only get answers, but get your dog (or cat) on track to RESTORED HEALTH, as is illustrated by the pictures and stories lining this page.

The sad truth is (which you may have learned already), that continuing with those standard ineffective treatments will only continue to make things worse month after month and year after year - until you finally get fed up and begin your search. Want proof that those treatments (Steroids plus Antibiotics) make things worse? Just take a look at the Savanna Story on the left. This dog only had ear infections before the treatments were begun, no other body symptoms! We have dozens of stories like this, and have resolved the vast majority of around 50,000 cases we have taken on in our history (14 years). Bottom line: our NZYMES® Healthy-Skin Program gets REAL RESULTS, though we can't promise it will always be easy. But it will end your frustration and nightmare.
Check out this SHORT STORY.

So, getting back you your original question. It's likely time to ask yourself, "Why do I BELIEVE that my dog (or Cat) has allergies?" We've already given some strong hints, but the ultimate answer is - that you have been led down a path by "well-meaning, but under-educated professionals". They are well educated in the world of MEDICINE, but clearly under-educated in the realm of digestive health, and nutrition. However, even IF they understood WHAT the core problem was, or WHERE it was (in the GUT), they would not be able to resolve it medically.

So far, you have likely only trusted doctors; how is that working out for you? Yes, we ALL want and need to trust the diagnosis decisions of our doctors; but, does that necessarily mean they are always right? Most of us already know the answer to that question. As author of this page, I can tell you of my own experience. My wife and I trusted the OPINIONS and concurrence of 3 doctors, and had surgery on our 6-year-old daughter - only to find out the surgery had ZERO effect on the problem, which
was discovered years later to be a digestive disorder caused by pressure on nerves in the neck area. Sound familiar?

NOW, TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO HELP YOUR PET CLICK the photo below to see an explanatory VIDEO; or, CALL Toll-Free at 888-381-6170.

Video Presentation

An observant veterinary professional will recognize (in your pet) the "immune system response" (inflammation) that causes all that itching, redness, or inflamed ears. What cannot be seen is the constant stream of TOXINS and dying Candida cells coming to the surface of skin from the internal infection of the GUT. These invaders in the skin cause the immune system to respond with the inflammation which results in ITCHING, heat & redness (similar to a mosquito bite). The natural result is the "assumption" of an allergic reaction - and then expensive allergy testing to try to prove the theory. However, the flow of Toxins and Candida cells exiting the skin is keeping the immune system in a compromised and "hyper active" mode pretty much constantly; this leads to false-positives in allergy testing.

We advise people to 'save your money' when it comes to getting 'allergy testing' done. We've discussed these cases with over 40,000 customers where virtually always the tests turn up positive results. And we KNOW this is going to happen - because the immune system is so compromised and acting in a 'hyper-active' mode (it will react to almost any foreign 'test element'. However, doctors continually use this method to prove their argument - and keep you coming back for more and more of the same methodologies that have no chance of solving anything. Steroids have one purpose - to shut down immune response. And Antibiotics, while they might kill harmful bacteria where needed, they also wipe out the "beneficial bacteria" of the gut - leaving it wide open to be taken over by the very aggressive fungus, CANDIDA ALBICANS, or Yeast. Destruction of digestive and immune-enhancing bacteria is the reason these problems get started in the first place.

NZYMES can help you end the suffering for your pet - with either a Large or Small
Healthy-Skin Kit, which is designed to assist the body of the pet with resolution. Also know that - Steroids and Antihistamines (or Atopica) will NOT allow the immune system to do it's job; therefore, your pet can NEVER get well using that type of approach


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