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Vaccinosis - Unwanted Vaccination Responses

Vaccinosis is the general name for chronic disease caused by vaccines. There can be many symptoms from vaccines including seizures, fever, lethargy, hypertrophic dystrophy (bone pain), & muscle aches. In extreme cases, vaccinosis can cause a condition known as vaccine mediated autio-immune response. This is when immune system turns on itself and starts to develop excessive bone overgrowth in the joint areas of the dog's body such as the legs and feet.
When it has reached this stage it is not reversible, so it is best to try and prevent vaccinosis through the use of antioxidants such as the NZYMES Antioxidant Granules or chewable Treats for Pets. Purdue research, funded by The Great Dane Club of America, on Vaccine Mediated Responses in Canines, shows it is the carrier in vaccines that is the problem for most vaccine reactions. Therefore, it is important to help the body to detoxify from these vaccine carrier toxins.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  One of the most frequent unwanted results, or side-effects, of Vaccinations (especially Rabies vaccine), is the destruction of Intestinal Flora (the necessary beneficial bacteria coating of the gut).  With the destruction of Flora the unfortunate RESULT will likely be the onset of a Systemic Yeast infection!!!  This issue is all about skin and itching problems; licking at feet or legs, and ear infections are the most common first symptoms. IF you see such issues in your pet, or you have vets talking about 'allergies' you should visit this page - Yeast Candida?

NZYMES Antioxidant Granulesor Treats for Pets, as nutritional supplements, provide effective natrual help in supporting the body's mechanisms responsible for clearing toxins (and Free-radicals) from the cells of the body. Providing Antioxidant support is a fundamental step in the right direction toward helping to prevent vaccinosis, or deal with the effects. For full information on a research article go to: Vaccine Article

Antioxidant Support

The Antioxidant action produced by the NZYMES Antioxidant Pet Treats or Granules, naturally help to remove dangerous toxins and free radicals from the cells of the body. Whenever faced with the prospect of vaccinations, we recommend doubling the regular usage of these products 1-2 days beforehand, and 7-10 days afterward.