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Your dog is itching and scratching all over. He’s losing his hair, has yucky spots on his skin, battles ear infections, and/or smells terrible. You’ve taken him to the vet several times and have had him on different medications. Maybe you’ve even taken him to the dermatologist and have had him back and forth for more allergy shots. The vet continues to diagnose the same thing “dog allergies“. You are wondering what is going on because these solutions seem to only work for a short time before the symptoms come back again.

Well, you have come to the right place. We deal with similar stories from customers multiple times every day. Find the real solution by following Nzymes Healthy Skin Program. Dedicate the time to really help your pet resolve this itching problem from the inside out…the natural way. Do this and we GUARANTEE that you will see a new pet – with healthy skin again.

The Question

How Do I Get Rid Of My Dog’s Allergies?

The Problem

A Brief Overview Of Why “Allergies” May Not Be Allergies At ALL

The medical field defines an ‘allergy’ as “abnormal reaction or over-reaction of the immune system.” Therefore, when a veterinarian sees your dog’s immune system reacting (or being extra sensitive) to foods, treats, grass, trees, etc., they often believe it is allergies that they are experiencing. Typically a vet will prescribe an antibiotic, steroid, topical medicated cream, or antihistamine to help the symptoms. The PROBLEM with this approach is that the medications (like antibiotics and steroids) inhibit the immune system of your pet and often times can cause detrimental side effects…not to mention that the problem consistently comes back to haunt your pet, causing you more vet visits and medications. Allergy shots and dermatology visits are also often recommended once the medications stop masking the symptoms.

And “masking the symptoms” is exactly what these medications do. Our family has been working with clients on a daily basis who have ‘pets with allergies’ for many years now. What research from our nutritional agents and holistic veterinarians has showed us is that almost EVERY TIME, the pet is actually battling a Systemic Yeast Infection. The only way to effectively manage this yeast infection is to naturally build the pet’s immune system and digestive tract strong enough so that the pet can then heal himself/herself. We have experienced such tremendous results with this approach for over a decade now, and more success stories come into our mailbox each and every day.

This is the approach that we take here at Nzymes. Our Healthy-Skin Kit has been carefully designed with a set of rules to successfully assist your pet in OVERCOMING these so-called “dog allergies”.


Though there may be situations where Pets may truly be allergic to things they come in contact with, eat or inhale, it is important to understand that this type of problem is actually not very common. This is totally in contrast to a viewpoint within the veterinary community that seems oriented toward the notion that there a large numbers of dogs (or cats) that are prone to be allergic to nearly anything you can imagine. However, here at NZYMES we are constantly finding that these assumptions are often misdirected, and that there is virtually always an entirely different issue at the root of these assumed ‘allergy problems’.

If your dog should be experiencing problems that are actually the result of an allergic reaction, not just a vet’s assessment, those kinds of reactions and symptoms should dissipate and go away once the allergens are removed from the equation. In our experience, these kinds of allergic reactions in dogs are rare rather than common.

The Answer

The NZYMES® Healthy-Skin Kits are designed to offer a low-cost and effective way to correct this problem naturally while supporting a healthy immune system. The Healthy-Skin Program will help with very the tough challenge of replacing the Candida overgrowth in the GI tract with healthy ‘friendly bacteria colonies’. This digestive imbalance must be ‘mostly’ corrected before your pet’s observed symptoms will significantly subside. However, secondary cleansing will continue for 5-6 months (or more) beyond the disappearance of most symptoms. A Maintenance Program is recommended after the detox to prevent future relapses of this very tough problem.

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