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My Story About Dog Food Poisoning:

spaniel, cavalier king charles

I had begun using your NZYMES® Granules, Ox-E-Drops and Bac-Pak Plus in early February 2007. My dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has 5 new puppies. She is not a big dog and weighs normally 14 lbs.

In March I purchased two cans of Natural Balance venison canned food and fed one of them to my nursing female. I still had a case of the canned chicken food and thought she might like a change over to venison. She threw up after eating so I did not feed the other can. However we continued with the Natural Balance Chicken from before. All of a sudden she started to throw up again.  She kept getting sick and then stopped eating. I got a bad feeling and went to the Natural Balance website and learned that these foods had been recalled due to the Wheat-Gluten issues from China.

I was very concerned because I have breeder friends who lost three Cavaliers and had the rest of her dogs at Texas A & M vet for weeks because of the food recall.

So I took her in for a kidney test and she was fine. After she got sick again, I took her in a second time and she was still doing OK!!  Much to my surprise the vet told us her kidneys were fine! We continued with her regular NZYMES everyday and she started eating food again after just two days. I truly believe that the NZYMES Granules Ox-E-Drops, given daily, saved her from injury or worse.  Her puppies are doing fine too and I think they all survived because of the NZYMES products that were given to mom. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Betty Fett – TX

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