Dog Torn Ligament Recovery

Dog torn ligament issues can really make life hard, especially for a Bernese Mountain Dog, like Griffen. Fortunately for Griffen Charles Baker from Marlton, NJ found our website, and got him started on the road to recovery! Check out what Charles has to say below in his own words:

I can’t begin to let you know how thankful I am to have found your Nzymes® products! They have made a remarkable difference in Griffen, our 5-yr old Bernese Mountain Dog. At age 4, he suffered a torn Cruciate ligament (ACL). After surgery, he had a lengthy healing period with frequent bouts of limping when getting up from resting. The damp weather seemed to make it worse. It broke my heart to see him limping. After the 12-16 weeks that it took to heal, he still wasn’t getting around as well as I was hoping for.griffenSanta

I found your Nzymes® product while searching the Internet in June and decided to give it a try. I am thrilled to report that as promised, I noticed a dramatic difference each and every day that he took the Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats. Imagine my shock to see him RUNNING within (30) days of being on Nzymes® when just a few weeks back, he was walking with a noticeable limp.

Almost a year later now, as soon as he hears me opening the Nzymes® bottle, he’s anxiously waiting to get the tablet and his mobility is wonderful. Also, thanks to you, he’s been switched off the commercial dog foods and changed over to Eagle.

On another note, he’s also on your Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops product. Since early adulthood, he had always had ear problems with a dark, smelly build-up in his ears (yeast) that resulted in a lot of head shaking. The vet had treated him off and on for 3 years for this, but none of their medications ever worked long term. Never once, did my vet ever suspect that his ear problems could be the result of an internal digestive health issue. I mixed up the Ox-E-Drops in a 2% Topical solution and started flushing his ear canal. I am, again, happy to report that his ear problems have been 99% eliminated. The smelly build-up is gone and stays gone.

He’s the love of our lives and your products have made such a difference in his overall health. We can’t thank you enough!

Charles Baker – Marlton, NJ

Products Used by Griffen for Recovery Support


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