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NZYMES People Products no Longer Available

NOTICE:  The NZYMES Human Product line has been discontinued as of 7/31/2015 – due to extenuating circumstances. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.  Explanation follows.

To our Loyal NZYMES Customers:

When we began in business more than 17 years ago as Biopet Inc., our main focus was to provide the NZYMES® natural products for pets.  Soon afterwards, many enthusiastic customers said, “Seeing how this has worked for my dog (or cat), I would like to try some for myself or other family member”. Customers began requesting a pill version of the Antioxidants for themselves. Such requests resulted in the production of the Antioxidant Complex in caplet form (the pills), and this product was then offered approximately 1.5 years after we began operating. Other human-oriented products followed.

It is important to point out, that even though we offered these products for people, that offering has always been a secondary sideline to our primary interest, which was the PET products. We know how well the products work because we have used them ourselves on a daily basis. However, marketing today in the “human supplements” arena has become much more difficult and complex than we could have ever imagined, and it now becomes clear that, as a “small business” with minimum staff, our survival requires us to focus on our pet products.

Over recent years, many people may have seen articles in the news or witnessed news coverage discussing the growth of federal regulations on business being applied throughout our country. Just recently we have become informed about 200+ new pages of federal regulations that have been adapted for the dietary supplement industry over the last few years.  We are adapting our business model to continue with our excellent line of pet products – to provide people a natural option for keeping their precious pets in optimum health. But, these highly impacting industry changes have simply made it unrealistic for us to continue offering the people product line.  And we apologize to our cherished customers for having to come to this decision.

Please understand, that all companies marketing supplements must somehow adapt to new regulations, or face consequences that may affect the life of their businesses. We hope you can understand our reasoning for these decisions and we look forward a continuing our relationship to help you with your pets. We welcome your call if you have any questions regarding this matter.