Overview of Issues Involving Dogs Affected by Liver Damage

liver damage in dogs

Liver damage in dogs is frequently the result of repeated use of common medications such as Rimadyl (Carprofen), Prednisone or others like them. At Nzymes, for over two decades, we have seen many dozens of situations where a dog will go through the months of struggle necessary to get cleansed and cleared from terrible health issues, such as Systemic Yeast issues, only to later succumb to early death due to damage to liver, kidneys, or both.  This is one common result of repeated and/or heavy use of such medications as mentioned above (which normally carry warnings).

While the use of medications always carries the risk of side effects, there are other conditions that can bring about liver damage. Cushing’s Syndrome is one such example. The increased release of Cortisol (a natural stress hormone similar to steroids) plays havoc with the immune system, taxing the liver in the process.

If you have a pet with a liver problem of any sort, we highly recommend our Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules, and our Ox-E-Drops. The Treats or Granules provide antioxidant nutrition to help the body detoxify. Ox-E-Drops helps to create a better pH throughout the body. These, in turn, help to increase the oxygenation to the cells. Combined, these products better enable the liver to be restored.

Simple Bundles to Support Liver Health

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