Sadie & Baby, Respiratory Issues:  Dog-Cough, Runny Nose


Our two Chihuahua’s, Sadie (4 years.) and Baby (2 years), came down with a dog cough. Their noses were runny and they would start wheezing and then gag. Sadie was worse thanOx-E-Drops for pets-sml the Baby.

I ordered the Nzymes Ox-E-Drops, praying that that might help before taking them to the Vets. Within 24 hours of using the Ox-E-Drops (via diet + vaporizer), what a change! I would have thought it would take longer to see any improvement, but not the case.

Thank you so much for such a fast acting product. My dogs can breathe now.
Thanks so much.

Rita Hestand – Vancouver, WA

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