A Close Call for a Good Dog

Note from Nzymes: Dog yeast infection(s) are all too common in our modern world. Like so many other cases, Washdae was caught up in the endless cycle of treating symptoms. The gains made via this route are short-term at best. To truly resolve the issue, you must approach the root of the problem and strive to rebalance the natural gut flora.

Washdae Shuka was always fed a high dollar dog food (No-grain) for the first two years of his life supplemented with raw steak. One day, my husband was in SAMs club and saw how more economical the dog food was and bought Purina One.

One bag and Washdae almost died. His hair turned dull, his coat fell out and he began scratching and biting himself. We tried putting him back on the premium dog food, but he did not recover. We had him allergy tested (blood test) and he was allergic to everything. He had to eat a high dollar limited ingredient food (Lamb and rice). His condition improved slightly and he would relapse.

Desperate Times – Drastic Measures

My husband died in 2015 and my fuzzy baby is all that kept me going. He was my lifeline, companion, and protector. His skin condition worsened. One vet put him on Apoquel and not only did it not help, the side effects I researched were scary and I took him off after one month.

His new vet noted that he responded to steroids and opted to put him on steroids permanently. We started with a high dose and tapered off to what was absolutely necessary to keep him comfortable. Thinking there was no other alternative I kept him on steroids for 1 1/2 years. This course of treatment was providing some quality of life at the expense of quantity of life. I started feeding him raw and veggies in an attempt to help his health but in my heart, I knew I had to get him off steroids.


Seeking Alternatives

In desperation, I began searching the internet for a solution. My baby is now 7 years old and I don’t know what I would do without him. I found Nzymes. After reading about the program and tons of reviews I decided to try the system.


Natural Approach for Dog Yeast Infection

The theory seemed sound. I was warned that he would get worse before he got better and boy did he. I called customer service and the representatives were very supportive and continued to help me tweak Washdaes program until we narrowed down why he wasn’t getting better. The fault was mine. Washdae liked apples and sweet potatoes as treats. Sugar feeds yeast! A week after stopping fruits and sweet potatoes, Washdae finally turned the corner!

Seven weeks into the program, some changes on my part, and my baby’s skin was back to white – not red, scabbed, and horrific. He no longer flinches when I pet him. I believe with all my heart that this program works and it is a natural, holistic approach to healthy living.

We are only two months on the program but the results are already amazing. I can’t wait to see Washdae’s coat fill back in and am so comforted that he is no longer suffering and has a great prospect at a healthy life. Thank you Nzymes for your research, products, prices, customer service, love of animals, and patience with me as I struggled to do what was best for my baby!

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