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Natural Help for Degraded Joint Health in Horses

About Horses and Joint health

If you desire a “better quality of life” for a horse having troubles getting up or getting around, you have come to the right place. One simple NZYMES® product can most often have an amazing effect, and our money-back guarantee shows how strongly we believe that.

NOTE: There’s a lot to read here – if you care to learn more. However, very often ‘seeing is believing’; and once you become a ‘believer’, you’ll be so happy you did. See how even the WORST Mobility challenges are overcome in pets. Check out our RECOVERY VIDEOS.

There are many types of arthritis and associated causes of degenerative joint conditions, and horses are not exempt from these issues. Symptoms include mobility problems such as difficulty in rising, walking, stride or gallop, or even standing. These symptoms result from the less obvious issues like pain, swelling, and inflammation along with the actual destruction of joint cartilage quite often. Causative factors can include joint inflammation, improper or over-stressed movement within the joints, accumulated damage over the years, or just improper lubrication within the joints (especially over extended periods of time). The resulting damage can further increase inflammation problems – exacerbating the problem. The buildup of toxins and free-radical damage in the soft tissue of the joints can be contributing factors as well.

In soft tissue injuries, torn ligaments can destabilize the joint area which can then cause dislocation of its natural position and sometimes the need for surgery.


Autoimmune Arthritis, also known as Rheumatoid Arthritis, happens when the body attacks its own immune system causing serious pain, inflammation, joint swelling and deformity of the joints. Osteoarthritis, which is the wearing away or erosion of protective cartilage, can have numerous causes; i.e., genetics, nutrition, or injury along with normal wear and tear on the joints. These are forms of extreme degradation; wherein, all such artifacts negatively affecting joints will then contribute to inflammation, reduced flexibility, and pain – resulting in reduced mobility, along with the lack of desire to get up or move. Animals tend to function by instinct; so, when something hurts, it tells them to remain still – and give time for resolution.  People just tend to take some pain relief (inflammatory reduction), and then get back to what they were doing.


The body can really do a lot to keep unnecessary inflammation under control when ultimately healthy – which has a tremendous amount to do with nutrition. And, wear and tear on joint cartilage should be minimum or non-existent when proper lubrication and cushioning exists within joint structures (bursa sacs). The is where the Synovial fluid comes into play; when that critical fluid starts to decline in content, viscosity, or quality – that’s when troubles will start, eventually leading to cartilage wear/damage. The maintenance (quality) of that fluid is a responsibility of antioxidant enzymes of the body. The essence of NZYMES® supplementation is to provide such enzymes to the body as a sort of ‘fuel’ to help the body create its own – as it did in youth. The result of this kind of metabolic activity is a body better able to manage inflammation, as well as optimum quality/quantity of the critical synovial fluid. This is how the desired result is achieved – healthier, better functioning joints resulting in less discomfort and increased mobility.

Even horses, regardless of age, must have a daily source of living dietary enzymes in their diet to help replenish the body’s valuable and needed nutritional resources. NZYMES® super-nutrition supplements help fulfill this dietary need, thereby providing the body with the resources needed to get the job done (referring the ‘fuel’ discussed previously). A secondary major benefit to all this ramped-up antioxidant activity, is the cleansing of toxins and free radical damage from soft tissue, further reducing the inflammation that is at the heart of all the pain and mobility issues. A third benefit would be the support for improved immune function.

For horses, your best choice, to help your horse recapture a better quality of life, comes in the form of our 2-Lb. bag of NZYMES®  Sprouted Granules. Add this form of nutrition to the daily diet of the horse, and try not to be shocked with what you witness in the following weeks and months. It’s all about the power of nutrition – and how the body (horse, pet, or human) utilizes that to function healthier at the metabolic level, better able to succeed at resolving its own issues. After that, it’s all ‘icing on the cake’.

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