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Lameness in Horses

Three Most Common Causes for Lameness in Horses:

To begin with, there are many possible causes for lameness in horses (see below). However, the most frequent or common factors that result in lameness in horses are provided in the links shown below. However, no matter the cause, even if that cause is not readily identified, getting help for your horse to begin turning things around and getting the discomfort under control is likely where your concerns and first thoughts are.


Common Causes of Lameness in Horses

Equine lameness example

Navicular Issues | Hock Issues | Calcification Issues

For sure, the degree of lameness is likely to reduce as soon as discomfort begins to decline. However, you also seek to promote recovery for the root cause of the issues as well. Learn how our special ‘live super-food’ nutritional supplement provides  key resources to support the horse’s body and to get both issues under control. First the discomfort and pain, second, and the recovery of the core issue. Just simply add the recommended amount to the daily diet and then delight in what you see taking place in the days and weeks ahead.

The NZYMES® Sprouted Granules are a form of special “live nutrition” boost, which can provide the body with missing elements that enable it to perform its own special magic.  Here at NZYMES, we are busy proving that the body has the most remarkable recovery abilities when it is provided with the most helpful nutritional support.  Yes, all you need do – is provide it with what it is lacking, and then watch for the results.

NZYMES® Antioxidant Granules have been used with lameness, mobility and recovery issues in horses for over 20 years now with remarkable results. To try out this natural approach for your horse, click the link below. Sold with a 120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Nutritional Support for Difficulties with Lameness in Horses