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Navicular Issues in Horses

NavicularHorsesNavicular problems in horses are the most common cause of their lameness.  Did you know that the navicular bone, located at the navicular area of the horse’s hoof, plays a major role in the overall health of the hoof and of the whole horse? Navicular problems in horses are brought about by various issues, including improper trimming of the hoof, short or long term shoeing, and/or an inadequate natural environment.

The navicular bone is located directly behind the coffin bone and is held by tendons and ligaments. The navicular bone has two main functions:

  • To protect the joint and tendons from pressure and concussion.
  • To act as a valve for blood flow to the coffin bone and corium in the hoof.

Nutritional Support for Navicular Issues

NZYMES® Sprouted Granules is a powerful Super-food protein formula which supports all aspects of recovery related to the bones, muscles, tissues, and hair of the horse. They provide resources to the body to enhance natural enzyme activity, produce the body natural antioxidants, impact inflammation and support strong bone density. Such antioxidant enzyme and cellular-level activity are then responsible for promoting natural processes involved in the reduction of toxic and free-radical damage. All the various joint and muscle structures of the body, including navicular, are subsequently affected by these natural, enzymatic activities.

What to Expect…

It is then reasonable to expect an obvious and noticeable difference in the free and easy movement for your horse. For many years, this product has shown wonderful results, like this case with Kira. Providing horse owners the desired results they’re seeking through simple nutrition is our goal. Natural products, like our Sprouted Granules, can play an important role in supporting the navicular recovery process, and many others.

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