Cody, Great Dane & Seriously Degraded Joint Health

Cody vs euthanize

The very first time I used the Nzymes® Granules was with a 4-year-old Dane. She was so frail from painful mobility issues so serious that I actually decided to set up an appointment to have her put to sleep. At the time, she could hardly walk and I was not able to lift a 135 lb. dog. This was a Tuesday and I set the appointment for the following Saturday.

Later that day I went over to Grays boarding kennel to pick-up my dog food order and told Jane about my bitch and her problems. She said she had received something in the mail that day that is supposed to help pets with joint problems. Later, I called and ordered some (Nzymes).

I postponed Cody’s euthanasia date and started her on the Nzymes® Sprouted Granules formula. Within two days I recognized a difference in her. Within 4 days she was up and walking on her own. After a week on the product, I canceled the euthanasia date.

Cody lived an additional 8 years (appearing to be) pain-free. She died when she jumped a 6 ft chain link fence and hung up on the top gate. An infection set in and I had to put her to sleep. She was the equivalent of 120 years old in human years. That was my first-time experience with the powerful natural formula found in Nzymes® and that is why I am sold on your product. For the last 15 years, I have used it with all my pets.

Linda Arndt – Canine Nutrition Consultant

Note From Nzymes:
We have encountered several other ‘euthanize dog’ recommendations over the years, where the pet owner instead chose to try Nzymes®. Wherein, comfortable mobility was restored, and such dogs enjoyed extended life span – with reasonable comfort and mobility.  Some great examples of this kind of longevity – with reasonable mobility – would be the dogs belonging to one of the Nzymes Executives.  You can check out the story of BISCUT — or you can view the Video story of PRETTY below.

Products Used with Cody’s Revival

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