Poodle, Gets Clear of Diarrhea and Cryptosporidium

clouseauClouseau began having bouts of diarrhea soon after we picked him up as a puppy. Initially, the vet thought he needed a change of food to the Hills Prescription Diet they sold. After reading the ingredients, I rejected that suggestion and began cooking chicken and rice for Clouseau.

He would get better and then go back to having diarrhea. I finally insisted on a full panel scan of his fecal sample. They found Cryptosporidium (parasite infestation) and began a long treatment (4 months) with multiple antibiotics. I became concerned about a number of antibiotics he was taking at such a young age, approximately 12 weeks, and began to look for ways to maintain his digestive health.

The internet is a wonderful tool and several sites referred me to NZYMES Bac-Pak Plus (beneficial microbial supplement). Today, Clouseau is free of the cryptosporidium and is in great health. I attribute the maintenance of his digestive health to the continued restoration of good bacteria by Bac-Pak Plus. My thanks to NZYMES for this great product.

M. Clesceri – IL

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