An Overview – PANO, or Panosteitis in Dogs

Panosteitis, often abbreviated as PANO, is a condition characterized by an accelerated rate of growth which most commonly results in lameness and/or arthritis-like aches or pains in the long bone of the legs. Very likely, the symptoms will manifest in one leg, then another; whereas, this process may repeat – with the most noticeable discomfort appearing to shift at random. Although the struggles and discomfort are likely self-limiting as the dog matures, during these episodes of wandering lameness there is considerable pain or burdensome discomfort due to the ravages of inflammation.

Pano normally is seen in older puppies, and the ‘large breeds’ are where this will usually be seen. Though Great Danes and Dobermans are very likely candidates, track records show that German Shepherd may be the most heavily hit breed. These issues can last several months, or even up to 12-18 months of age if there is not a change in diet to a high quality, meat based and moderate protein/fat/calorie type of premium food. It is equally important that this dietary change includes the use of properly measured amounts; i.e, not ‘hap hazard’ and not providing extra feedings beyond proper recommendations.


The switch to a moderate protein/fat diet cannot be overstated. It is essential. Many well meaning pet owners are feeding otherwise excellent foods, albeit too rich in protein or fat. PANO is akin to growing pains in teenagers. The goal in moderating the protein/fat intake is to slow the rate of growth during this critical “filling-out” phase of the pet’s development. This alone can go a long way in helping to alleviate the issue. When it comes to it, we name names on foods to use as we know they have a track record and will help produce results. Here are our top recommendations: Precise Holistic Complete Large & Giant Breed Puppy, Precise Naturals Lg Breed Puppy, Fromm’s Large Breed Adult Gold. Please don’t be concerned about the name on the bag. Even though it may say “Adult”, it will work for your growing Lg breed. The goal is to ultimately slow down the growth process – at the same time, you must have quality nutrients with bio-available vitamins, minerals, etc. These Large and Giant breeds grow so quickly! The food you are feeding is providing the “building materials”, laying a foundation for their future. Remember the old adage, “You can’t get a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”


In the meantime, to help with the debilitating effects of a growing issue, like PANO, we highly recommend our “super-food” nutritional supplement, NZYMES® Sprouted Granules. The nutritional resources provided by NZYMES® have demonstrated again and again to be very beneficial in helping dog’s bodies handle the detrimental effects of developmental orthopedic conditions like PANO, as well as OCD and HOD. 

NZYMES Products Recommended for Growth Support in PANO Cases

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