Raja, a Shepherd-mix, Finds Help for Respiratory & Skin/Coat Issues

Raja loves his ball

May, 2010: I really enjoy reading the testimonials at Nzymes.COM. They make me feel great. I am writing my story to show people what Nzymes® (products) can make possible in a very desperate situation.

I rescued my dog Raja from an animal shelter in 2006. He was the last pup left of a litter born in the shelter and he was the runt. He was extremely ill with dog flu.

The people at the shelter said there was no guarantee he would survive the first night I adopted him. His first three years of life have been very hard, as he had to visit the Vet a lot. Raja’s respiratory health troubles never seemed to improve, and he began to fall severely ill in Oct. 2009.

I took him to the Vet again, and over the next three months he was administered both steroids and antibiotics. What a mistake! After three months of treatment he developed serious skin and hair-loss issues. His hair and flesh began to come off in large chunks. On top of all that, his respiratory system became even worse, and his joints began to seize. He was only three years old, but I didn’t want to stop fighting!


Improvement and Progress

So, I took him off ALL medication (I certainly don’t advise this for everyone), and I began to quickly do research on my own on the internet. That is when I discovered Nzymes.COM and the Healthy-Skin Program (for the skin and coat issues).

The first night (for the Respiratory issues), I put Raja in a small bathroom with a vaporizer which that had 1/2 teaspoon of Ox-E-Drops in it (mixed with 1-gallon of water). I kept him in there for 2-3 hours each night for three nights. After the third night I could notice his breathing beginning to to get better.

I have also been using the Healthy-Skin Kit for the last 5 months, and I changed his brand of food.

Raja - shepherd w/hair-loss & skin issues

I have seen a complete turn-around occur!

His hair has grown back and his breathing is great! His joints are fine and all he wants to do is play all day!

Both Raja, and I THANK YOU for helping me win my fight. To who ever reads this…. never give up on something you love!

Trevor Murray

Nzymes NOTES:

We are so grateful that Raja was able to make a turnaround. Runts can have many challenges in life. They often miss much of the immune-rich colostrum from mother’s milk, which has already gone to the other puppies in the litter. This deficiency sets them up for other heath challenges in the years to follow.

Raja’s story, is one of several that help us illustrate certain negative factors related to common dog health concerns. The main factor here, being that using Antibiotics & steroids can likely be the Catalyst for skin and hair-loss issues (where none existed before) – by virtue of first laying waste to necessary ‘beneficial bacteria’ elements of the gut, and secondly by suppressing immune performance; wherein, with a body trying to actually trying to DEAL with health issues, steroids stop that action and keep the immune system from doing its job.  A secondary matter illustrated here – that we constantly discuss with patrons – is that of dogs prone to ending up with the skin issues – as tied to weak or under-performing immune systems; which IS THE CASE with dogs on the RUNT end of a litter that never get enough of the colostrum (mother’s first milk) important to the foundation of immune function.

Simple PROTECTION for a dog – especially runts – from ending up with skin and coat issues, and many others, is to be on 3 Nzymes® products from a young age. The Nzymes® 3-Paks can now only help prevent such issues in young dogs (as well as many others), these 3 products can likely be essential to turning things around in the early stages – if the skin and hair-loss issues have already gotten their start.

Products Applicable with Raja & Large-Dog Skin Problems (yeast overgrowth)