Help for Dog Panosteitis

An Overview of Panosteitis in Dogs – PANO

Panosteitis in dogs, often abbreviated as PANO, is a condition characterized by an accelerated rate of growth.  This most commonly results in lameness and/or arthritic type aches or pains in the long bone of the legs. It is common for the symptoms to manifest in one leg, then another. Therefore, this process may repeat, with the most noticeable discomfort appearing to shift at random. Although the struggles and discomfort are likely self-limiting as the dog matures, during these episodes of wandering lameness there may be considerable pain or even burdensome discomfort due to the ravages of the inflammation.


Feed Recommendations for Dogs with PANO

Panosteitis in dogs is normally is seen in older puppies. Large breeds are the ones most often dealing with the over-feeding growth spurts due to poorer balanced foods. Though Great Danes and Dobermans are very likely candidates, track records show that German Shepherds may be the most heavily hit breed. Any ‘long bone’ dog could be reasonably expected to suffer this growth disorder, where a nutrition imbalance existed. These issues can last several months, or even up to 12-18 months of age if there is not a change in diet. 

It is key to make a change to a higher quality, meat-based, and moderate protein/fat/calorie type of premium food. It is equally important that this dietary change includes the use of properly measured meals; i.e, not ‘hap hazard’ and not providing extra feedings or free feeding where a puppy can easily overeat.

X-ray of Panosteitis (PANO) in Dog's Leg

Pet Foods and Treats we Recommend

At, we only recommend pet foods, we do not sell pet foods. Over the years we have worked with thousands of musculoskeletal growth problems. But we always lean toward meat-based foods with lower glycemic formulations. Here is our Recommended Pet Foods List

Remember, the goal is to ultimately slow down the growth process and, at the same time, you must have quality nutrients with bio-available vitamins, minerals, etc. These Large and Giant breeds grow so quickly! The food you are feeding MUST BE providing proper “building materials”, and therefore laying a foundation for youthful growth and future health.

Nzymes Super-Food Support for Panosteitis in Dogs

In the meantime, to help with the debilitating effects of inflammation with a growth disorder, like PANO, we highly recommend our “super-food” nutrition supplement, Nzymes® Sprouted Granules. The powerful superfood protein formula is simply added to your dog’s food. Proven over and over again,  the power of this natural LIVE FOOD formula was studied with 387 dogs over 30 days as a beneficial support for musculoskeletal inflammation.

See our Vet Study
on the Effects of Oral Enzyme Supplementation
on Musculoskeletal Inflammation in Dogs.


Even though she passed away, one of the best canine nutrition consultants, Linda Arndt (Great Dane Lady) helped thousands of owners with these types of bone growth issues in dogs has great information for you to read. Take a moment to visit her site

ALERT: An allergic reaction Chephalexin or the Sulfonamide antibiotics is often misdiagnosed as HOD or PANO in young AND adult dogs. True Pano does not happen in dogs after the growth plates are closed at 18 months, but an allergic relation to antibiotics can happen at any stage of the dog’s life and mimic PANO or HOD.

Nzymes Super-Food Products Supports Panosteitis in dogs