Nzymes Reviews: Pair of Beagles Overcame Dog Hip Pain

NOTE:  Every day, Nzymes® receives many ultra-short stories of success that are a bit too short to create a complete success-story page.  So, provided below are a PAIR of such items – both about Beagles where ‘dog hip pain’ had been the apparent issue.

Story 1:

I have ordered the Nzymes® for our Beagle (Bella).  She has hip dysplasia and was in extreme pain.  The Vet gave her some med’s and that was OK, helped a little.  She missed out on walks and rides because of this.  She was only 3.5 years old.  I was told about your product and got it for her.  She is back to her morning walks, she jumps in the truck for her rides and she is back to jumping on the bed (I’ll take it!).

I am so glad we found this product so when my husband was having problems I thought what the heck, it helped Bella and we have nothing to lose.  I think I might try it too, even though I really don’t have any problems.  I am a runner and do get aches, so why not.

Sally Wanner
Forsyth, MT

Story 2:

We are staying loyal to you! You have changed the lives of our pets and we are grateful to you for that!

Our 15-year-old Beagle/Boxer had a broken hip when she was about 2 years old. It never slowed her down but she would lift her leg as soon as it started to get cold because it hurt her to walk on it. Since starting on Nzymes® she has not lifted her leg again. (even the winters that have been -20+ degrees) She runs on it all year round as if there has never been an issue. We ran out once and did not order right away and within a couple of weeks, she began lifting it again. We will never make that mistake again.

We also have a 9 year old Rotty/Pit (who knows what mix), who is about 80 pounds and started limping a couple years ago. He was having some shoulder issues. No more issues since he has been getting his Nzymes®! Your products are amazing and I tell everyone I know about them!!

Faredae Lynn
Pinchney, MI

Nutritional Support Recommended for Dog Hip-Pain or Dysplasia

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