Dharma & Possible Nerve Damage from Injury/Contact with Vehicle

dharma_dog-hit_by_a_truckOn Sunday, January 6th, a large truck struck our 3 1/2-year-old “Dharma”. At that point, we felt sure she was near her last breath so we rushed her to our Vet. She had sustained a head concussion, plus trauma to her right front leg. She lost two back molars and had a few open wounds. The doctor cleaned out her wounds, removed the broken teeth and administered Prednisone shot. At this point, Dharma was just lucky to be alive. The doctor said, she was badly bruised might even lose the use of her leg, but he would know better when after x-rays, which read positive. We treated Dharma per the doctor’s instructions and one week later we returned to our vet. At this point the doctor mentioned amputation. Not wanting to go that extreme, I suggested a holistic doctor for acupuncture and he agreed.

I learned about Nzymes® while Dharma was receiving treatments (for injury/recovery) from a holistic doctor in February. I ordered (Antioxidant Treats) and started giving a doubled amount to both of our Dogs. Dharma has been responding great to the Nzymes® and her health has greatly improved. She had not walked since THE SIXTH OF January. But now, after almost 3 months, she is beginning to put weight on her injured leg and is walking with a little limp. She’s 65% more mobile than before.

Nzymes® have not only helped support Dharma in her ability to walk but they have improved her body functions as well. The doctor is really surprised at how fast she is recovering. She expected this recovery process to take much longer.

Our other dog, Duke (same breed), had some mild hip discomfort, and the Nzymes® have helped him too! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and let you know that Nzymes® have played a major role in Dharma’s recovery. I’m so glad that she is walking again. Thank you!

Follow-Up 9 Months Later:
It’s been one year since Dharma was hit by a big Truck. We not only placed her on a better diet along with Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats and nine months of acupuncture but did allot of inner healing too. Today, Dharma is running as before with much higher endurance. She gets 2 of the Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats daily which has not only helped her with the recovery processes but has given her a higher level of inner strength. After being confined many months, she has passed the 100% mark with the vet. But to me, it’s Dharma’s eyes which tell me she is a much happier dog!

She just had her yearly check up. Surprised, her doctor was extremely proud of her progress and especially for what the Nzymes® has contributed. Remember at one point, she had been on the edge of amputation. Nzymes® has played a huge roll in Dharma’s life, and we will forever give our animals these treats for the satisfaction of our animal’s health.

Duke, our other dog is also a Staffordshire terrier and is now eight. Nzymes® has also played a very big role in his life in this past year. Duke and Dharma run 1-2 miles together each weekend up near the Lake area or at the River whichever is best at the time. They are jumping around each other like excited kids playing at the beach. But Duke has a hip health issue due to age that gets real sore at night after a fun day of play. But, after a night of rest and another Nzymes® Treat, he is once again ready to start another day of fun, his left hip is totally OK!

We give Duke two treats every day and I notice that his vitality is like that of a 2 yr. old child. Duke is a beautiful dog at 84 pounds of solid muscle with teeth as white as snow. Plus his eyes are bright and he has a very wet cold nose.

Like many other have, I can give witness for the role Nzymes® have played in the recovery with our Dogs. Truly, they have changed their ability to function to that of a normal dog should be without limitations. Recently at Duke’s yearly check up the Dr. said to him, “Duke, you’re so happy, I don’t think you ever grew out of your childhood”. Nevertheless, he got a 100% bill of health.

Thanks, Nzymes family, you have helped make a difference.

Follow-Up 3 Years Later:
Dharma (7.5 Yrs.) and Duke (11 yrs.) have been 100% recovered. Dharma was hit by a fast moving truck 4 years ago and Duke had to recovery from hip surgery at the same time. Duke and Dharma have been taking Nzymes® going on five years. Every weekend my husband runs them down at the river, they just don’t stop running and jumping with joy and positive energy. By placing them on Nzymes® their health has been remarkable.

People tell us frequently, “Your dogs are absolutely beautiful”, or ask what do you do to keep their coats so nice? Etc. They notice how good their energy is and ask “What do you give them?” When I tell them about Nzymes® they can’t wait to get home to make their first order of this remarkable supplement.

Thank you for helping us understand the story behind Nzymes® and all the animals that have been literally been saved using your products. We have turned so many people onto Nzymes®; we hope they have at least stated our names. Our dogs will never take anything else but what’s most good for them. Your animal will let you know by the way they send you back their reactions – seeing is believing – is our motto!!

Steven and Glenda Jasper – Colfax, Ca.

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