doberman-example-photoIssues with Aries:  Wobblers Syndrome

In June 2008, mobility difficulty with Aries was diagnosed, and Wobblers Syndrome was the presumed issue. Her back-end was giving out on her and she could no longer jump the fence or walk steadily. I found NZYMES.COM online while searching for info on alternatives to surgery.

I read the testimonials and decided to give it a try. Within 1 week of Aries being on the (NZYMES) Antioxidant Treats she was (like) a new dog. Running and jumping again like a pup and virtually no sign of rear end weakness. I believe this product has helped Aries tremendously, by giving her a new lease on life. I recommend NZYMES Antioxidant Treats to all my friends with dogs or cats. I also feed NZYMES® to my cats and the new pup. The cats have stopped shedding by at least 50% if not more and Angel, my Siamese has stopped coughing up hairballs every day.

I love your products. I also take your products for myself.

Shelly Kauffman
British Columbia

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