Rusty Leaves Wheelchair Behind after Vaccination Induced Paralysis


My dog Rusty received a rabies vaccine on April 27th, 2016.  He started limping right after injection. I called the vet. He immediately put Rusty on prednisone, muscle relaxers and pain medications for 2 weeks. He said, “If you want your dog to walk he needs to take the medication for 10 days”. But, on 5-16-16 Rusty was totally paralyzed. This leaves an assumption of ‘vaccination induced paralysis’.

Upon returning to the Vet, he wanted me to see the neurologist.

vaccination induced paralysis

Nzymes NOTE: Rusty’s Recovery Video is located at bottom of page!

Vaccination Induced Paralysis Web Search led to Nzymes

I then searched ONLINE for “Dog Paralysis & Recovery due to Rabies Vaccine”. Why? I was in search of another approach to help Rusty. came up.  Natural and effective help for Dog Paralysis (was what I was reading). I believed this was the way to help Rusty. 

Phone Chat with Nzymes Rep

The same day I called and spoke to Jana.  What an amazing woman!!! She was very informative. I then placed an order for the Nzymes® (Sprouted Granules) that day, 5-17-16, and couldn’t wait for the order to come. We received the Granules and started giving them to Rusty with his food on May 20th of 2016. I slowly got Rusty off all medications and on the Nzymes® as part of his daily DIET, as Jana had directed me to give to Rusty. However, I was not immediately seeing any quick response to this ‘super’ nutrition as I had seen in the LILLY Video. But I was not too concerned yet. No one really knew what was wrong inside my Rusty.

Nzymes Granules 2-Lbs

Neurologist Recommended Expensive Surgery

I did go to the Neurologist for a consult on 5-28-16, as the Vet wanted me to do. Without even doing an MRI, he said Rusty needed surgery to the tune of $7500.00. And Physical Therapy would be another $2000.00. This was totally out of the question.

Rusty is 12 years old. I “LOVE” my dog, but there was no guarantee that Rusty would walk again (after all that expense), said the Neurologist.

Rusty also had another medical problem. He had an Anal Adenoma (tumor) which also needed surgery. That was on the back burner.

Looked for a Wheelchair for Rusty

Since recovery was not coming as speedy as desired, we wanted a more comfortable way for Rusty to get around, as he still had energy and life in him and didn’t seem to be in any discomfort. So, to get him mobile again we looked into a wheelchair for Rusty, obtaining that from a friend (explanation below) on June 11th, 2016. However, recovery hopes were still strong, and we were still giving the Nzymes® daily as directed.

A gentleman by the name of Miguel, as seen in the video, customized a wheelchair for Rusty – copying what he had created for his own paralyzed Dachshund. He found and rescued his black Dachshund on the roadside after it was hit by a car. And, that dog has been in a wheelchair for about six years.

Rusty Showed Movement!

As a strange coincidence, the same day as getting his new Wheelchair (6-11-16), Rusty started showing signs of tail movement which put a smile on my face. You can see him joyfully wagging that tail like crazy as he wheels around in his new buggy. The Nzymes® were working!  He also was able to urinate on his own, so I didn’t have to express his bladder any longer. I also started doing physical therapy and massage on his back and legs (figured that couldn’t hurt).

Rusty Walks!!

Next came the surprise! On August 17 of ’16, Rusty started walking on his own.  His legs were still weak, but could get up and take a few steps. He could finally use those legs (a few steps at a time) off and on. With the September 8th portion of the Video, you can see how Rusty’s improvement/recovery is coming along; he is walking and running, better and better each day.

Nzymes for All 4 Dachshunds

I have 4 Dachshunds. All 4 now get Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats in the morning and 1/2 tsp. of Sprouted Granules (in their food) in the evening. Except, Rusty gets 1 tsp of Granules in the evenings.

I am so thankful I found Nzymes® Antioxidant Supplements for my furry children, especially for Rusty.

NOTE:  I also mentioned Rusty had an Anal Adenoma, well it has shrunk and disappeared!! My new Vet could not believe it.  Rusty is walking and the tumor disappeared!!!  The Vet, needless to say, wants the Nzymes website.

I love Nzymes and your company.  Thank you

Michele Walker,
Miami, FL


NOTE 1:  If reviewing this page because your dog is a Dachshund, you may be interested in seeing our Group of Short Stories about Dachshund recoveries from paralysis – by CLICKING HERE.

NOTE 2:  If you watched the above video – you may have questions about the black Dachshund that belongs to the builder of the Wheelchair, and whether the Nzymes® would be helpful. Six years is a long time. With an injury or disability that old, it would be a real miracle for any recovery improvement. We would not bet on it – though we cannot rule it out either. However, the Nzymes® (Granules or Treats) – as a regular part of the daily diet – are very important, and very good for lots of other reasons, for any pet. Therefore, it would be a good investment under the circumstances; and, if something really great happens – that would be a big bonus. A dog losing rear-end capabilities will naturally lose muscle mass over time – further complicating any chance of a great recovery.


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