Dog Urinary Health, Urine Crystals, and Stones

UrineCrystalsinDogsCrystals forming in the bladder can create minor or major problems with your dog – as they have the capability to block urine flow either partially or completely. And, common causative factors include overly high urine pH, urinary irritation, bacterial infection or contamination, along with quality OR quantity of water consumed. Dogs, like cats, often have a tendency to not consume enough water. Combine this with water that is allowed to stand too long, recirculate, or various other means of promoting the collection of bacteria, and and you have perfect conditions for the beginnings of CRYSTAL formation. As internal bacteria multiply, this helps to increase the formation of crystals, and the buildup begins to block urine flow. As these blockages can quickly jam things up and block urine flow completely, there can be imminent danger of death unless treatment is begun quickly.

Typical symptoms would be incontinence (uncontrolled leaking), urinating too frequently, wetting or accidents at random times. And, on the flip-side, the inability to urinate when actually trying to. Vet treatment will usually include an examination to find the type of bacteria to attack, and then a prescription of antibiotics to get that infection under control. The dog will be listless, not eating, and likely not drinking – so this is a rough period for the dog.

Several NZYMES® products can be very helpful and supportive of the body’s portion of the healing process. Getting the animal to eat something simple/helpful like plain yogurt with Sprouted Granules mixed in (or crushed up Antioxidant Treats), will not only get some powerful nutrition into the body, it can support/fuel immune recovery capabilities. Adding Ox-E-Drops to the drinking water or dish can help maintain purity, and adding some Bac-Pak Plus in with the yogurt will help restore needed ‘friendly bacteria’ for boosting immune function as well, and defeating the invading bacteria.

Struvite is the name given to the crystal composed of Magnesium, Ammonium, and Phosphate. Struvite crystals are not uncommon in normal urine and are usually of no consequence. But, when they begin to be present in very large amounts, this buildup can create blockages and may even form stones, which can then create more damaging blockages. Stone formation is tied to a prolonged problem, and likely more common in Dogs. And, the stones are much harder to deal with than the Crystals.

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