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Can Horse Respiratory Issues Really be so Simple to Resolve?

Horse Pneumonia

Pneumonia has various forms, but as an inflammatory illness of the lung, it can be life threatening – as it affects the ability of the body to absorb oxygen from air taken in. With the pneumonia illness, the ‘sacs’ that are responsible for collecting the oxygen become filled with fluid, thereby inhibiting the ability to collect enough oxygen to support the body. If the body is deprived of oxygen to great enough extent, for long enough, then the inevitable result would be death.


Pneumonia in horses, as with most other respiratory illness, is the likely result of an infection – from the various pathogen types: bacteria, fungi, viruses, or even parasites.


Symptoms of this condition could include coughing, elevated fever, a difficulty of breathing, or even chest pain. Shaking or chills may often be an additional indication, as well as sweaty or clammy skin; and, blueness of the skin would indicate a sharp loss of oxygen.


Diagnosis may often involve X-ray, and maybe inspection of mucus or phlegm expelled from lungs or air passages.


To help get this problem under control, we recommend primarily the highly effective NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops, for adding to diet and vapor-to-lungs usage, either standard 2.2oz or the more economical 8oz. Refiller bottle (better investment for such a large animal). We also recommend the Sprouted Granules to give the immune function the best chance for providing some solid assistance. See the ‘How NZYMES® Can Help Tab’ for full instructions.

Products Recommended for Pneumonia in Horses

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