Husky Dog Wins Battle with Dog Warts

Husky ear wart, dog wartBreed: Husky
Age: 3 Yrs.
Health History: Papilloma wart behind ear

September 9, 2012

I discovered a wart beside my Husky’s ear around August 15, 2012. It was very pink and about 1/2 inch in diameter with a couple furs coming out of the middle.  A musher Facebook pal, by the name of Katerina Paleckova, suggested I try Ox-E-Drops from NZYMES®.

wart on dogs ear

Kimmi’s ear – Before

I ordered and received the package on Sept 6, 2012. I followed the instructions and we started Kimmi’s topical program on that same day.

Avoiding the surrounding skin, I carefully applied UNDILUTED drops directly on the wart 3 to 4 times each day. I also added Ox-E-Drops in her drinking water. The DILUTED 2% OX-E Solution was rubbed on her gums and inside her mouth.


I was so amazed that it took only 3 days for the wart to clear.

Dog wart gone, no dog wart

Kimmi’s ear – After

I also gave her the probiotics, digestive enzymes and the Antioxidant Treats that came from NZYMES.COM (which she loves). Her stools and appetite have improved considerably.

She is definitely a much happier camper all around and her overall health much improved. I will continue all of above and only use diluted drops on wart area.

Thank you so much, Katerina and NZYMES®!
Sue Putnam, MA

Footnote: NZYMES does not ordinarily recommend using the Ox-E-Drops undiluted. With warts, they can be applied straight if you take care to avoid surrounding skin. For this, a Q-tip to apply would be your best option.

Product Used to Help with Kimmi’s Dog Warts

example Ox-E-Drops bottle

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