Various Factors can be Involved with Hair Loss in Dogs

Dog Hair Loss

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Significant Hair Loss in Dogs has much to do with the health of the skin and hair follicles and is normally tied to much deeper problems. If your dog is experiencing a problem that seems simply like excessive shedding, please see our shedding page. Otherwise, there are several issues for discussion that can contribute to excessive or even massive hair loss problems in dogs.  It should be noted, especially to newer pet parents, that many dogs can experience seasons of significant hair loss – often referred to as “dropping coat”.  This may happen one or two times a year and is a normal routine of many breeds.

hair loss in dogs
Alf before Nzymes

Dietary Changes

This kind of sudden major coat loss can also occur in concert with major diet changes, especially if going from a poor quality diet to a much more beneficial Premium quality pet food. The metabolic changes in the body are often significant enough that the body goes into a ‘Reset’ mode. It is not uncommon for dogs in this situation to “blow-coat” at the outset. The good news is that a much fuller, richer coat will fill-in in time.

As an example of how successful Nzymes solutions are for even the most serious dog hair-loss cases, we’ve included an extreme situation, completely resolved in about 6 months.

dog hair loss
Alf 6 months after Nzymes

General Shedding

Simple shedding, in an otherwise healthy pet, is to be expected with virtually any dog. Most shedding issues are related to some type of digestive tract imbalance that reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and provide the needed nutrition to the maintain a healthy skin and coat. Our Nzymes Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules support better nutrient absorption and can help with these problems. For more information please see our SHEDDING page.

Low Thyroid and Symmetrical Hair Loss Problems

In cases where there seems to be symmetrical hair loss in dogs, this would be a strong indication of a Thyroid imbalance. Low thyroid, (Hypothyroidism), is a frequent cause of this type of hair loss. Hair will often disappear from both sides of the body in a symmetrical fashion or pattern. There may also be a dull, dry, brittle quality to the coat. If this sounds like what you might be seeing, please see – Canine Thyroid Disease.

Yeast Related Hair Loss: Pulling, Chewing, or Scratching

Spotty hair loss of this nature is typically due to severe GI Tract imbalances of the primary protective bacteria and the Candida Yeast. At Nzymes.COM we have seen success with 10’s of thousands of these cases using our Healthy-Skin Program for yeast overgrowth. If your dog is constantly itching, licking or chewing at the feet or legs, experiencing reoccurring ear infections, reddened or blackened skin, underarm rashes, bad smell/odor, etc. – then these are strong indicators of a systemic yeast issue. In that case, you will want to learn more about our Healthy-Skin Program. The Before/After pics you see here are of Alf, a Great Pyrenees who suffered with such an issue, and found resolution using our system.

Regardless of the Cause, Nzymes can Make a Difference

The primary purpose in adding Nzymes Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules to your dog’s regimen is to provide necessary resources for enzyme production. This is the KEY to our entire brand. Without a rich, live food source like this, the body simply cannot produce adequate amounts of enzymes to keep pace with the demands placed upon it daily. These metabolic enzymes are at the forefront of cellular health and longevity.

It Starts with Healthier Cells

When the cells are healthy, better overall health naturally follows. As pertains hair loss in dogs, healthier skin cells and healthier follicles lend themselves to a more rich and full coat.  But enzymes are not limited to the skin and coat alone…their effects can be felt throughout the entire body. So your best friend can also reap the benefits of better energy, mobility, stamina and more.

Safe, Natural, Effective

Whether you choose the tasty, chewable Treats; or the simple, raw bulk form of the Granules, isn’t it nice to know you are giving him something natural that can make such a genuine difference? We are so certain you will be happy with your results, we offer a 120 Day Money-Back Guarantee. So take the Nzymes Challenge and get started today!

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