Hot Spots in Dogs

Dog Hot Spots Causative Factors & Getting Resolution

What are Hot Spots?

Hot spots in dogs can be defined as “moist skin eruptions that can occur anywhere on a dog’s body”. The name is most probably tied to observations that they most generally occur during the hot summer months. The hot-spot area can spread slowly, and will usually appear raw and red, and also becomes a ripe breeding ground for bacteria (a secondary infection).

examples of hot spots on dogsWhat Causes Hot Spots?

Hot spots most frequently can be tied to an imbalance of the GI Tract. We are referring to an overgrowth of yeast, which is one element of Gut Flora. Healthy proliferation of ‘good bacteria’ keep the yeast under control, in a healthy dog. As friendly bacteria colonies decline – because of vaccinations, antibiotics, steroids, stress, etc. – yeast elements (candida) are allowed greater expansion. Since yeast feeds on sugar, and the vast majority of ‘big name’ dog foods contribute too much sugar to the diet (high-glycemic carbs), food is also a major factor in yeast taking over the Gut. When the overgrowth is bad enough, yeast cells can flourish and use the Blood-stream to travel anywhere in the body. Wherein, they can then create havoc, especially with Skin and Itching issues. Result: you witness ‘external symptoms’ tied to an internal disorder. Early symptoms may include itching, scratching, or LICKING at itchy areas.  Skin eruptions, like Hot Spots, may follow – or be concurrent with early symptoms. The problem is exacerbated by too much sugar (i.e. carbs) in the diet, which can be tied to the VAST majority of dog foods available in modern times.

When seeing any of the symptoms mentioned, including hot spots, don’t hesitate to examine the dog’s EARS.  I happened to be checking the ears of my 14 year-old Border Collie in early May, when COVID was taking over the world, and was shocked to find a gunky yeast buildup in the left ear. Wherein, she had never suffered with Yeast issues over her lifetime.  Come to find out, this was after she had Steroid shots (immune suppression) several months earlier due to a separate issue. It took us 6-7 weeks to get this yeasty ear under control.  The warning here – is about Steroids (need I say more?).  Ears & paws, the most frequent early yeast symptom areas.

Bella, yeasty ear

Since heat (just like sugar) is an activator of yeast, ‘time of year’ or weather can instigate troublesome areas or flare-ups that are heavy with an ITCH that is so deep, it cannot be satisfied (I can personally attest to this). Since a common ‘itch reaction’ of the dog is ‘licking’, such areas can manifest themselves as hot spots.  Other itchy areas may reveal themselves with excess licking activities – such as feet, legs, or? All of this would be indicative of yeast overgrowth. If your dog’s symptoms are constrained to the hot spots and related itching activities, that would indicate the immune system is doing a decent job of keeping things ‘somewhat’ under control. Though, such is not likely to get the problem resolved without some serious help. IF you see a range of ‘other symptoms’, like larger skin outbreaks, blackening of skin, ear infections, areas of elephant skin, etc., those are indication of a full-blown systemic yeast infection.  In which case, you should seek more advanced help – as found on our Healthy-Skin Program page.  If any confusion, we suggest using our Symptom Checker.

Once again, sugar in the diet can be a major factor in the development of Hot spots, as with yeast infections. But, it should be noted that the ‘sugar source’ is the vast majority of readily available dog foods – common to big stores. While the dog may need carbs for energy, like humans, it is the high-glycemic carbohydrates (starch) causing most trouble, as they provide the body a quick ‘sugar charge’. Potatoes, white rice, corn, wheat, and tapioca are examples. Add to this the preservatives, additives, coloring’s, by-products, and generally poor quality ingredients, and you have a recipe poor dog health overall. Just as problematic are MOST of the popular dog biscuits and treats available. If you are feeding your dog such foods or snacks, please heed our warnings below (next section).

What can be done for Hot Spots?

If hot spots, and maybe minor itching/licking are the main issues, then using more ‘natural’, premium or holistic food is a good place to start. See – Recommend Foods. Approved Treats found there as well; Pink section, bottom of page. But, serious help for the body’s overly-challenged immune function would be an important asset for restoring health efficiently and more timely. For this, we recommend the items at Page bottom. An Nzymes® super-nutrition product, Sprouted Granules OR Antioxidant Treats will fill that bill. Either one will provide the nutritional support needed to improve immune function, as well as pretty much everything else going on in the body. The OX-E-DROPS are seriously helpful to immune efforts in conquering yeast and other challenges. Plus, it’s use in the Topical Spray form aids in much quicker recovery the troubling hot spots, and stopping them cold – upon emergence.  Keeping the sores moist with this spray frequently, will produce fast and lasting results. Assuming the hot pots account for the bigger portion of the challenge, this group of products can help make quick work of yielding a healthy, happy dog again.  Products come with Nzymes Phone Support.  CALL as needed.

Finally, Nzymes has not advertised related to folks searching ‘Hot spots’ help for quite some time. Therefore we present two sections of REVIEWS – one with ‘hot spots’ remarks from Older Shopper-Approved Reviews, and one from Current Reviews that are “similar skin-issue related”.

In the End, it’s All about Results…


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ShopperApproved REVIEWS – Prior to Summer, 2019

I used Nzymes previously for my German Shepherd who suffered from hot spots and skin issues for most of his life. The last 3 years of his life were his best thanks to Nzymes. I wish I had found it sooner.
Melissa Katinsky, 5/28/2019
I’ve been a long time customer of Nzymes, the product never disappoints. My dog, Pepper always gets hot spots during the Spring/Summer and Nzymes clears them up. Thank you!
Diana Guerra, 5/3/2019
All the information provided helped make the decision to buy this product for my dog. He is almost 4 years old and has struggled with itchy skin, hot spots, food allergies, and ear infections his entire life. The stories of other dogs going through similar issues was the selling point to try this system.
Samantha, 7/29/2018
Started with nzymes almost 7 years ago. My big dog had a yeast infection with terrible hot spots. Got the starter package and a couple of months later everything was cleared up. Continued to give him the granuals and the drops and never had problems with yeast. He still got hot spots once in awhile but very mild. I’m giving all my dogs – and cats – the granuals and they all thrive on it. Especially the seniors, which some of them hardly can walk when I get them. Couple of weeks later, they all walk with me in the woods for up to an hour! And I definitely blame it on nzymes.
Michaela Cielo, 12/18/2017
I have been using the Nzymes products for several years with great results and satisfaction! I began using them because of a serious skin condition that my Irish Wolfhound, Bill, had. By faithfully using your products and following your dietary guidelines his skin issues finally cleared up. His skin & coat were beautiful again. I recommend your products to anyone who will listen! My sister has great results keeping her golden retriever, Quincy, clear of hot spots when she uses the products consistently.
Dianne McCoy, 8/2/2017
I started using Nzymes products for a dog that was food intolerant, was itchy and prone to hot spots. My poor golden was a mess! Food changes, fish oil supplements and Nzymes products helped get him comfortable in his own skin. Briar has since passed, but I continue to use Nzymes to keep my current dog healthy.
Carol Hollenbeck, 3/12/2017
Our dog had issues several years with hot spots, causing him to scratch until he had an open sore and a trip to the vet. We learned about Nzyme products from our daughter who had researched this product and had begun using Nzyme products to help her dog who had multiple health issues. Her dog achieved a better quality of life, and we also have had no further issues with hot spots, and our 11 year old dog still acts like a two year old puppy.
Jayne Beach, 11/3/2016
I highly recommend this product. I purchased Nzymes for my dog’s hot spots and they were cleared up within 5 weeks!
I have been extremely pleased with your products and the information you provide. Your products have made our Golden Retriever’s life so much more enjoyable without the hot spots and associated skin problems. Thank you so much!
Ken Albrecht, 6/5/2016
We have used Nzymes for our Springer Spaniels for several years now. These products are awesome for dogs prone to allergies, yeast infections and hot spots. Our guys have stopped having any of these symptoms since we started using these products years ago. Two happy furry customers!!!
Anonymous, 1/25/2016
We have spent thousands of dollars on antibiotics, veterinary specialist in allergies, blood work, cultures, etc. for hot spots and black skin on our 8yr old Dachshund. I tried this product approx. 1.5 yrs ago and his skin was back to white within 2 months & he has approx 95% lower occurrences of hot spots. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a pet with skin, allergies, or digestive issues. It is worth every cent! Love it! AND Thank you to the genius who invented it!
Carmel Brandow, 1/15/2016


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Understanding and Using the Recommended Products (print this info)

  • Nutritional Product:  The Sprouted Granules provide the ‘Nutritional support’ required to support improving performance of everything in the body.  This is a ‘Must’ item.  The One-Lb size will last a Large dog – over 60 Lbs – nearly 3 months, OR last a dog under 60-Lbs twice as long.  Alternatively, you could use Antioxidant Treats INSTEAD, but that would raise the cost – especially for the Larger dogs (dog over 60Lb gets 2-Treats per day After 2-wks of 4-Treats per day).
  • Ox-E-Drops Product:  This is required as well.  Drops must be added to daily diet to assist with fungal yeast issues, as well as being used in the Topical SPRAY form (below). USE a tsp of water; dispense drops into that tsp (1-drop per each part of 20-Lbs, & 2-drop minimum); add this mixture to the food bowl – TWICE per day.
  • Ox-E Topical Spray:  This optional item is a Ready-made version of our topical Solution, made using ionized water in a very gentle ‘misting’ bottle for this exact usage purpose.  You can alternatively make this spray solution, using Distilled water and Ox-E-Drops (10-Drops per ounce of water), in your own spray bottle. You’ll need to wet the hot-spots with this Solution at least 3-4 times per day to get things under control (expect weeks, or longer).  Likewise, any other visible symptoms should also get this treatment.  IF things begin to spread, or seem to ‘get out of control’, this indicates the Yeast infection is worse than we might expect, and you may need more HELP.  Call Nzymes.

Products Recommended for Hot Spots on Dogs:

With Symptom-checker Score 4 or Less